Architectural Photography

Surroundings shape people.

From an interest in interior design, my focus has now shifted to the external structures and internal bones of buildings, the building blocks that allow us to shape the interior.

My main fascination with architecture lies in the brutalist and modernist, both movements shaped by the necessity of providing affordable large-scale accommodation while using (at the time) new methods of construction and innovative technologies.

'Form follows function' was a break from previous approaches to building; clean lines, new materials and an attempt to take into consideration how people actually use their living spaces was at the forefront.

Despite both movements now having fallen out of favour, many of the buildings remain, some of them even experiencing a second renaissance as more people begin to appreciate the thought processes behind these building styles.

Some contemporary architects also draw from this heritage - the playful, almost organic structures of Santiago Calatrava are probably my favourites amongst these; they look brutal and skeletal while still being thoroughly modern.

Although I've always had a superficial interest, my current near-obsession with architectural photography is down to him, and I can pinpoint the exact moment as well - 11th February 2019. 

I arrived at Lyon Airport TGV station late in the evening after a long train journey from the North of England, it was dark and cold, but getting off the train and seeing this place for the first time was - dare I say it - magical. Something just fell into place, and exploring buildings and taking photos is now something I cannot not do.

I was lucky enough to spend time in France after that, allowing me to re-visit the train station on numerous occasions (where I continue to find new angles) and also see some of Le Corbusier's buildings, and to travel to Spain and Portugal for more Calatrava.

I know only a little about the theory or history of architecture, for me it is a purely visual thing, the interaction of shapes and materials, light and shadows, curves and lines - some of them work for me, some of them don't (and some of them should work, but don't!), but the satisfaction of taking a photo where everything comes together is immense.

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Architectural Photography